Be You And Be Alive

This is a piece of writing that is meant to connect you to your higher self and inspire you to take meaningful positive action towards the life of your dreams.

Never before has there been such a ripe time for inspired action. Never before have you been so awake and aware. Never before have you been clearer on what you do and don’t like, what you do and don’t want.

The old is already falling away; you need simply to show up and be true to the Truth that lives in your heart.

Wherever there is stuckness, you can invite movement and growth and healing. Wherever there is discomfort, you can smile and allow relief. Laughter is the medicine for pain. Your soul is the medicine for your body.

Your soul speaks to you through your heart.

What are you doing in your life that isn’t truly you? Your next step of bravery is mentally moving from that activity, to something you love. And then asking for the physical steps that will bring you into that reality.

There is no reason to suffer through any part of life. Especially suffering on behalf of suffering! What is done is done. Be grateful for your journey – only you have had such a journey, and you can choose to wear it with pride and love and gratitude, knowing it has led you to where you are; knowing that only you have walked your own path, and that only you can keep walking your path.

Dear one, your path is blessed. Whatever pains are behind you are gone. And whatever is ahead of you wants to meet the real you, which is you standing tall, back straight, smile on your face, open heart.

Imagine yourself finding a traveler on your path… do you respond more positively to those who embody uncertainty or those who we call “free spirited”, who smile, who connect, who have let their guard down?

The spirit cannot thrive inside the walls you have constructed. Without our spirit thriving we cannot truly live.

You are free to live, to truly live, now!

Whatever you choose to do, go with all your heart. Do not doubt your decisions. Back yourself up. And no matter where you end up, stand tall and keep your inner fire going. Keep your inner smile going. Life is talking to you, are you listening? She speaks with the voice of love. She whispers to you through your whole day. Have you ever earnestly tried to listen and act based on what she tells you?

It is time to abandon the fear of what other people think, and return to the inner voice, which is your one source of truth. Rely on yourself. Trust yourself. Trusting yourself is a prerequisite to trusting others – when you trust yourself, you know that your discernment of others is true, and you do not need to worry or analyze.

You are an energetic being, able to sense falsehood immediately in others, when it is there. When falsehood no longer exists inside of you and trust takes it place, will falsehood exist around you that doesn’t immediately stand out to you? Falsehood will flee from you when you truly own your own power; there will be nothing to protect yourself from, for your presence itself will attract miracles and repel lies. When you are aligned with Truth and Love and your own authentic Power, beauty and abundance is magnetized to you, and every moment is rich with meaning.

This is how life is meant to be. Go and let your light shine, straight from the heart, straight from the stars. Forgive yourself; invite yourself to be new in this moment and grateful for the perfection that we are all a part of. There is no need to hide anymore. There is no need to worry anymore.

Namaste! ~

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