Tulsa, OK: one week out

I’m not going to write a real serious post right now; I’m just trying to set up this blog and get a feel for things.

Duncan and I are at his mom’s house in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sitting at their kitchen table on our laptops, surrounded by ziploc bags full of oats, granola, nuts, mac and cheese mix, dehydrated beans and veggies, and other random backpacking foods that are going to be sorted into boxes to be sent to us on the trail. This is Duncan’s food prep operation. I’ll have a similar thing going on once we get to my mom’s house in California this coming week.

mmm, granola

It’s been a whirlwind already. 18 hours of driving to get here, and just outside Tulsa we had a little auto incident that almost set us back a whole week (!!!!!!)… Thankfully we were advised to call Firestone, as it turned out that ONLY Firestone, out of all the auto shops in Tulsa AND all the Subaru dealerships in a 200 mile radius, had the parts necessary to fix my car up in a timely manner. That was a stressful afternoon on Friday, spent calling everyone in town and trying not to panic. But my car should be ready to go tomorrow, and we’ll set out on a 24-hour drive to Reno, to see my brothers for a day before hitting CA.

We’re both pretty excited right now, but there’s still a lot to do before setting off. Will write for real once we’re on trail, or maybe right before we head out 🙂

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