Hola from Lima

Hola from South America! I just spent the night and a leisurely morning at a hostel in Lima and about to head back out to the airport for my flight to Iquitos. Tomorrow I meet with the group I’ll be with and we’ll take our first dose of Ayahuasca tomorrow night. So soon!

The transit has been largely enjoyable. Before leaving I had some pre-trip jitters, but traveling itself is invigorating and stimulating for me. Even just being in airports I enjoy. I had a long layover in Fort Lauderdale yesterday and really enjoyed myself. The travel time and the feeling of being in-between places invites a unique mental space for me. It’s as if I’m a step outside my normal reality, and sometimes it gives me perspective and inspiration. 

I’ve met some other friendly travelers at this hostel, which reminds me of my wanderlust and stokes my thoughts about future travel goals. I hope to come back here one day as a more committed traveler, rather than as just a brief visitor. But this trip has a purpose to it, and it is okay to be here in this capacity, as an outsider stepping in for a quick look.

I am eager to see the jungle. It’s hitting me that I am about to be there, and I will be realizing a long-held dream of visiting the Amazon. I can’t wait to see it and experience it, and to share what I can with you all in words.

In the last week I read something about the nature of memory. According to what I was reading, the more you talk about an experience, the more you transplant your direct memory of it with memories of talking about it. In this way, you can transfer something sacred and lose it forever. This is one of the reasons I want to write. I can share my experiences fully in the rawness of the moment, once, and reach more people without losing the sacredness of my memory or sacrificing my process. So I want you all to know that I’ll do my best to be honest and vulnerable, and to share what feels right. And I appreciate that you might be open to receiving my experience through this medium. ❤

I am feeling ready. Excited, blessed, eager. Trusting. Whatever happens will be for the best, for my deepest healing. I hope this brief update finds you all well and that you have a magical day!

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