On Losing My Center

How do I care for myself when I realize I’ve fallen off the course?

I feel frantic now. Time slipped away from me again. I wasn’t in my center. How long have I been away? Oh, sweet muse, won’t you please guide me back home, back to myself?

A remembering:

I can’t have the gaps inside me filled by another.

It would be a burden to both of us.

A gratitude:

The clock feels evil sometimes, but I am grateful for it when it snaps me out of a trance I don’t want to stay in, as it just did.

An affirmation:

I am sacred light. I must let myself heal and take rest and be filled. There is no place in me that the light cannot reach. I will feel freedom again…

A question:

What do I do when the opposite of synchronicity comes to me? Things that feel like bad luck. Confusion. Good intentions that turned sour.

And an answer:

Keep the faith. All is well and will be well. Perhaps the only thing to do, right now, is to sleep, and let it go.

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