March 1: Message of Love

Dear ones, it is a new month, and the month is calling us to be present, and full of love, which is also to say… full of feeling.

Feeling, when it has been lost, can be regained through the heart. We want to remind you gently and lovingly to have a conversation with your heart as you go through your day… let your words and deeds flow from the heart energy. People will ask “how” this is done, and that is a question of the mind and ego. Let the words here wash over you; they are not for analyzing but for receiving, and already a part of you is subconsciously receiving the message of love. A deeper part of you knows what you are here for, knows how you serve the purpose of Love, knows your connection to all that is.

This is a year of great change, friends, and we are beginning to settle into it – which means, it is beginning to be a time for celebration of all this change, a time of being swept in the wave – when you were first pulled off your feet you might have felt some fear, but there is an ecstasy in letting the wave take you. And that is the invitation, today. Trust the flow you have been swept up in. It wasn’t what you were expecting. It doesn’t match your mental images. So we are in the realm of moving forward by feel instead of by thought – this is a higher way of being, more in tune with Love, with Oneness. It need not be difficult, today. Your wounds are being gently and lovingly cleansed through no effort of your own. All your cells are relaxing, are being touched by the hand of God.

And so it is. Be well ❤

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