Poetry for the end of another month

Quotes for the end of the month


The challenge is to tell your truth
in a way that they can hear


The love we want
is the kind where we lift each other up,
without carrying each other’s weight


turns out to be pretty heavy


I’m done with not caring.
If I act like I don’t have a soul,
then I will live in a world without a soul.


Their souls are begging
for yours to show itself


‘Why do I have to go first?’ my mind whines
holding onto my armor
playing the cool act
but how do I know?
maybe I’m alone in the act.
Maybe they already made the first move,
the first attempt at vulnerability,
and I am too hardened over to see it


What is the point of self love,
if I am alone?
so I can be loving myself,
nobody cares, my body aches a weary exhale full of a dusty wind, an old woe, the baggage of past generations,
who of my ancestors are on my back?
They say it cycles in sevens. Seven generations back, your footsteps woven into me, your toxins still coursing through my blood
It’s become the fertilizer for the next changes, whatever is born through me, is fundamentally of you.
I carry you.
And I shrug you happily off when I dance.


In the night, in this space of not-supposed-to,
I rediscover the buried parts.
Remember everything is possible.
This moment is alchemy.
I offer you everything,
and nothing.

One thought on “Poetry for the end of another month

  1. Anna

    Your writing is transforming into a raw and heartfelt poetry with the beat and rhythm of the human heart. Keep writing and I love you


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