When life gets overwhelming

Sometimes it feels like life is moving very fast. When I focus on that, I get dizzy.

The truth is that I am capable of moving with the flow of life and not being overwhelmed. This means embracing life as it is and accepting all that comes… it means taking real action without hesitating or hiding.

With decision-making, perfection is a myth. We can never think things through all the way. Being overly mental in our decision-making process robs us of our precious time.

Life gets backed up when we are putting off making decisions. The ego mind is afraid of looking like a fool and wants to be very calculated. But there is a wholly different aspect of the self that is happy to just be happy and flow with life, who doesn’t take all the decisions so seriously, who is able to laugh when something foolish has happened, and move on without a wound.

Our mistakes only wound us if we are taking life too seriously. It is a real tragedy living our whole lives avoiding making mistakes, keeping ourselves small and preventing expansion. That is the cost of the “safe” path.

The fool may be a fool, but he knows what it is to be truly free.

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