Love Letter to the Divine Masculine

Dear Divine Masculine,

I felt breathless and beautiful when we danced together this weekend. It keeps getting better and better… our approach to each other smoother, our movements together more and more eternal… supernatural… timeless.

I loved the way you approached me. I felt the depths of you penetrating me, just from your gaze. I felt soft and tender simply in the receiving of your energy field. And in offering your hand, you gave me something alive to dance with. Something strong, stable, resilient. You remind me of the Earth, and of the root systems of great trees.

I felt myself melt into dainty butterfly wings, fluid consciousness, blue and pink and gold rays of sunlight twinkling and dancing off a rippling surface of a flowing stream. The mountains. Fresh moss. I felt you beholding me, heart opening to make room for the dance. I felt you strengthening, even just in the solidness of your breath and body, helping me to drop deeper in.

When you picked me up it sent waves of laughter through me and gave my spirit the freedom to float… melting into surrender, and trusting your lead. Your firm direction unlocked an ecstasy of feeling in me that can only be described as otherworldly, Divine.

I come here to dance the dance of the Divine Feminine, to give her life through my spirit and body. And in the same breath my purpose and nourishment in doing so, is to worship and be worshipped by you. I live for our dance. One day I will die for our dance. Everything is for the dance. There is no meaning without this dance.

How could I wall myself off from you for so long? My heart longs now to bow before you and sing, to dance before you and let you behold me, to offer you my softness as a token of gratitude for your strength. You lift me up. You lift up and hold everything that is precious in the world. My roots. My protector. My sustainer.

May there be ever more moments for us to meet in dance… and ever more moments for me to express my love in a letter to you, my Beloved.

Eternally yours,
The Goddess

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