What’s here now: possibilities

* new blog category! What’s here now: Expressions of the present moment. Thoughts, feelings, experiences, honesty. Thanks for sharing the moment with me.*

What’s here now? Inspiration to travel!

To just pick up and go somewhere, indefinitely…

Soaring thoughts. Windswept, feathery, wispy, slick, driving, awe-inspiring, cliffy, craggy, coasting, slowing, slowing, slowing… breathing.. breathing…

It’s a beautiful sunny day. I’m in a comfortable and bright little nook. Small joys, finding nice little spots, and feeling my energy expand in the bright space here. I am gratitude, expanding and contracting. I see possibilities. I appreciate goodness. I appreciate stillness. I appreciate motion. I appreciate art. I trust myself to make decisions. I approve of myself and of all that life offers me. I approve of the depth and range of emotion I am capable of feeling. I feel myself exploring that full range, and it’s different every day. I appreciate that movement.

Yesterday or the day before was the new moon, which makes this a time of expansion to fullness. I make myself capable of flowing with the wave, staying grounded with my own energy. Life blesses me every day.

My life wants to change and grow often. I drive movement for myself. I find passion in that, though it comes with the fear of unknowing.

I find wholeness in connecting with myself. I find healing in moments of connection with inspiration. The feeling of inspiration is the feeling of wonderment at coming to know myself better. Oh, this idea tugs at me and brings me joy? That is beautiful. I am beautiful. Life is beautiful.



Trust yourself.

Love yourself.

Make your own rules.

Live your life how you want to.

Don’t settle; find your fire..

Everything moves and changes..

Seize the day.


Give gratitude.


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