What are you doing with your life? … a response. For parents, grandparents, friends, strangers, whoever.

My soul is on a healing and experiential journey. My priority is to follow that and enjoy the ride along the way.

I am not currently concerning myself too much with my “success” by society’s standards. That is a black hole of negative self-talk for me and takes me away from feeling my way forward.

My “career” is not my current focus. My life’s work is another story.

My life’s work will spring forth from me being the best expression of myself that I am able to bring forward at any moment. Commitment to growth means that this self-expression is constantly expanding, that I am constantly, incrementally, finding more clarity about myself and my path. My priority is practicing this, the bringing-all-of-my-best-self-forward. Finding courage to be honest, honest, honest! Speak my truth! What holds me in resistance is my habit of succumbing to the pressures of how I think I should be, how I think others want me to be. Little fibs here and there to go along with the group, to be accepted by family/friends/Duke students… Fuck that. I don’t want to undermine myself like that anymore.

So I’m training and learning bit by bit to listen deeply to myself and my intuition, and listen deeply to what I encounter in this world.

I believe I have the potential to be an agent of deep healing. My sincerest want is to connect deeply with myself, to step into the most powerful and centered version of myself, to contribute to our evolving collective consciousness by taking responsibility for my own level of consciousness, and to ultimately help people love themselves. ALL our struggles and illnesses stem from a diseased relationship with the Self. I am on a quest of exploring this idea, of enhancing my perceptive and intuitive abilities, and forging a deep friendship and commitment to my own human spirit.

So what am I doing with my life? What’s my 10-year-plan? My career goals?

Let’s see where the Universe takes me. I trust it.

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