We are mid-stride in the rhythm of Fall right now. It is an energizing part of the yearlong seasonal cycle.

Rhythms are in my body. Flow is marked by rhythm. Rhythm and rhyme. Right time. Life isn’t always so serious, you know? The times that are filled with laughter are pleasing to the Universe. Life dances with you when you smile.



Life speaks to you poetically.

Words are too direct, too abrasive.

Time for a word vomit! To get out of my mind and into this document. Interestingly, I’m struggling with typing well today. Maybe a signal that I need to bring my energy in and focus. Pick up the loose pieces. Direct my energy into this moment. My intention is to produce a piece of writing that says something real and feels good to my spirit. I intend to let words come through me. I am letting go of my resistance. I am letting go of control. This is a guided message. I will transcribe the words as they come, as best I am able. My eyes are closed. When the year is over, many will wonder where the time went. We are all experiencing accelerations of a new variety. (Emma is feeling distrustful of the words.) Emma is calming down. Emma feels a sensation in her chest and throat. It is like a light coming through a tunnel around a bend. There is something there that wants to come through and is tied up. She fears it is a scream, a cry, something vulnerable, something weak. Emma learned not to show weakness, she thinks. But in fact it cripples her. How many are tied like this? Invisible bondage. But the world is waking up. Some can see the invisible ties. In fact, none of this is invisible, but people pretend that the unseen is truly unperceived. Perception is limitless. The way you perceive is a reflection on this moment in time, this point in evolution. There is a lot of pain in the world now. It is surfacing in many ways. It seems political at times. But it is coming to the surface for healing, and the healing is a communal evolutionary step. Healing is willingness to look directly. Healing is truth in action. Healing is restoring the connection to truth. Life in its essence is wellness and beauty, and the dance that one takes in and out of it.

The feeling in the chest becomes more prominent. An edging up. Emma is curious and also dismissive of the feelings in her body. She thinks feelings make her less than okay. The truth is that the feelings speak to the truth of our shared experience, to what is real underneath the facade that is collectively held. All are burdened by the collective lie, all feel the weight, the distortion away from their true natures.

Truth is more important than conformity.

Conformity is a heavy, heavy blanket, under which we convince ourselves we are safe, but we bend and break under the weight, and forget the feeling of fresh light on our skin. Always hiding under the blanket. We are only so much ourselves like this.

I have opened my eyes.


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