Speak and Act

Let us begin.

The day is new.

The moment is taking shape

as nothing we’ve ever seen before.

We are recognizing

the parts of ourselves

that have no names.

It is the emergence of the new, coming through us

The face of this time’s evolution,

at once unfamiliar and exciting.

Maybe those things that lurk in the shadows of our perceptions aren’t monsters

maybe they are the as-of-yet-unseen, unborn, soon-to-be


Somewhere amidst all this change is a balance point, where you can find a momentary exhilaration, an ecstasy of being, accepting what comes, and finding your own little niche to hold onto,

It’s a crazy, wild ride,

crazier the longer you run with it


Where is the stopping point of this acceleration?

My body has its limits. This world has its rules.

We must rest.

And somehow life allows for this.

Everything is moving, but still we can take pause and rest

when we need it.


Sometimes I think we all live in worlds of our own making. We have our intersection points. But we also all have such unique challenges. Our differences range from the subtle to the absolute, depending on your vantage point.

So what? …

I think we have to remind ourselves that being different is okay, and in fact wonderful. I’ve spent too much time feeling anxious about whether my ways will be accepted by others. But joy and beauty arise out of inner peace, relaxation, and the freedom that comes from not holding yourself back.

…Like this writing challenge. It’s so easy for me to be worried about revealing my words, before I’ve even written them. I fear standing up and saying them aloud. I fear my own destruction in those moments, at least when I think about them. But the truth is, when I get past my own wall of fear and speak… I am putting myself into the world in that moment, facing my life head-on. In the moment of actual doing, there can be no shame. Only being. And in being, I am strong. Stronger than the negative voices inside of me and around me. Negativity can only truly thrive in the shadows.


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