It is GOOD to be a WOMAN


For a woman is sensual, mysterious, mystical. We are the embodiment of the raw creative force; chaotic, beautiful, eternal. The power of the feminine is seen in the miracle of birth, the sensuality of curves and waves, the warmth in the places you feel most safe and loved.

The wrath of the female force is Nature at her greatest and most terrible, that force of wildness that overshadows any illusion of human power. The storm, the wave, the eruption.

Like nature, the feminine power ultimately cannot be suppressed. As we come into the unstoppable force of our own power as awakening women, we align ourselves with the force that is destroying the old and creating the new. We are weaving the emotional and sensual dimensions into this linear, masculine world. We are layering a world of wider perception and mystery into the drab and stale parts of our materiality.

Today:  Feel and nurture your own wildness. It no longer suits us to suppress it.

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