To be instead of to seem

The way of moving forward that comes only from the head is two-dimensional, and will no longer work.

It used to work better than it works now.

For some people, it is still working.

For others, it is being shown to be problematic.

We are waking up into a new way of being.

It is okay to be stumbling, along the way.

It is simply that the old ways of doing things will no longer work.

It is nothing about any one of us personally. It is just the fact of life, that at times we need to adapt.

There can be grief. For to adapt to the new is to accept the end of the old.

I feel that, in the end of a relationship. It just… stopped working. I grieve that loss. For it feels like there is so much loneliness in the world right now, so much separation. I want the answer to be to move together, not to move apart. I fear our total and utter isolation. But in the same breath I hope for the reality of true individuality, wherein we all express ourselves fully and freely, without reservation, for we need not rest on the validation of others and need not be torn down by the rejection of others. We want to be beholden only to our own opinions of ourselves, to align with the energies that align with us, and to peacefully say no to the energies that do not align with us. That does mean that some of us on an individual level do not align — so be it! For we’d rather find the authentic connections than the forced ones.

It is a time of waking up, in a very, very deep way. Waking up to a new expectation – not just a life that looks well-lived but a life that feels well-lived. And that is a very different kind of pursuit than what has been pursued in the past.

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