Tips for Traversing the Spiritual Wilderness

When we decide to take a leap towards our dreams, based on our intuition, heart, and higher guidance… we step into the unknown. This spiritual unknown is a lot like the wilderness, and it can trigger a lot of fear in us.

Some points for counteracting the chaotic side of the wilderness and thriving:

1 – When we are in wilderness, life is more responsive to our thoughts and feelings. Without our usual emotional safety net (whatever was comfortable and familiar about the life/job/relationship you just left), we are able to project bigger fears out into our reality. Remember, we never see Reality itself; we see it painted with our own energy; we see what we project onto it. So are you seeing monsters in the wilderness? Or are you being guided to find the hidden treasures? This is something you can change.

2 – It is very important to reconnect, again and again, with the truth of who you are. Your own energy always feels good to you. Your vision is what will carry you through the unknown. “I know who I am. I know my vision. I am free, I am free, I am free.” Going inside yourself to reconnect and ground literally transforms you so that instead of seeing demons and monsters in the wilderness (or being too afraid to even move forward), you move fluidly and playfully. The wilderness is full of magic and beauty. Some part of you actually thrives here.

3. Insert some curiosity. Are these “monsters” really monsters? Try not to run away when the fear is there. Be in your heart and body. Listen to your intuition. Really interact with your life, with what it is in front of you. Find that balance between grounding yourself (without just hiding away) and moving forward (ideally not through brute force). When in doubt, keep moving; stay on your toes, but don’t attack everything that comes out you; be in a place of trust and expectation, of playfulness.

4 – This walking through the wilderness is sacred work, because there are treasures there that only you can find. It might be the most important work you do in your life, to find and reveal those treasures. And it can be guided and playful and fun!

5 – A card for the day: Water. Symbolizing a necessary ritual of purification during energetic shifts. Water helps us wash out the old and cleanse unwanted energy. It is also symbolic of raw potential; much like the wilderness.


– When it feels like there is chaos, remember that you took a leap into the unknown, and that this is part of the process

– Ground and connect with yourself and your higher vision as often as you can. It will light the path for you.

– Don’t get too distracted by the externals, or by your mind. Keep the internal flame lit and trust.

– Have fun! There are gems here. Expect to find them.

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