Transition from the old to the new with Love and Trust

Rewrite your stories of the individual and collective past with love. Only refer to your elders, and those who came before you, with love. Only refer to the ones who come after you, with love. Their ways are different than yours, and that is something to truly celebrate.

I am shown an image of my great-grandparents, a pair I did not get to know very well in my human form (for they passed when I was young), but who I know energetically, and through what has passed from my grandmother and mother to me. They were old-fashioned to our standards, a good, traditional couple, a gentleman and a gentle-woman. And they were truly in love. They sang together… how they sang, so sweetly, and full of love. There is an abiding energy and a softness in the relationship dynamics of their generation. Everyone knew their roles, and in this structure there was stability and love.

The world is changing today. We are more fluid. We are abandoning previous boundaries, and we have yet to firmly establish new ones. This creates a feeling of chaos and disorder at times; and it creates a new capacity for deep, abiding love, at other times. This energy is more free to flow outside of traditional structures. And it is more apt to ignite fear within us, for it cannot be contained within the old structures. What are our new structures? We are deciding on an individual level what structures to create for ourselves. So much is possible.

When it feels chaotic there is a pang of insecurity, an impulse to grab for what was. But change is inevitably happening, we cannot go back, we can only go forward. So take a deep breath and let go your clutched fingers; let your body and emotions flow more freely; move into the new vibration of trust. It is a step closer to Truth. Let us be in Love with what is now, with what was then, and with what is yet to come.

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